Spiritual message 7 31 18

Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker
Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker

Hey all! I know it’s been awhile…I have had an amazing summer with lots of twists and turns LOL it’s been like a rollercoaster thrill ride! HA!

Anyhow this message came in today and I wanted to share it with you:

Spiritual Message 7 31 18

This message is a message of hope and peace.  It is time for the human race to adjust to a new understanding of life and what it is really supposed to be on this planet.   The discord between being human and spirituality has become too vast.  It is time to return to a more harmonious way.
(…as I was receiving this I began to feel the tension in my body, shoulders, head, neck, etc. became very tight and miserable feeling.)
The time has come to return to knowing the truth of your being.  You are so much more than you know.  Open your heart to receive truth. “the truth will set you free” You have lost your spiritual connection to all that is.  The birds, trees, the earth itself and beyond the universe.  You are all spiritual beings but have forgotten that truth. There is a vast connection just waiting for you if you are brave enough to trust your soul.





“the truth will set you free” is in John 8:32 what I found interesting about this is that in John 8 they are actually arguing over Jesus’s testimony and who he is and who his opponents are!  And in John 8:14 Jesus tells them “ you have no idea where I come from or where I am going.” I feel this passage really goes with this message.  I was actually in awe when I looked it up, because my guides were very clear that “the truth will set you free” was the key theme in this channeling today.

Anyway, sending love to you all!

Till next time,





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