Spiritual Energy, the new Normal?

Intense Spiritual Energy is the new Normal.
Intense Spiritual Energy is the new Normal.
Intense Spiritual energy is the new normal!
If you have missed it, watch the video at the end of this post.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of EXTRA spiritual energy around me lately. So this afternoon, I was having a conversation with my spirit guides about when the energy was going to settle down and when will things get back to normal? And why is there so much spiritual energy “out and about”?

I got the message that “this is the new normal”!

 (UGH or YAY! You choose! Hahaha)

I have seen spirit since I was very young.  BUT  these last few months there has been SO MUCH more spiritual energy! There are more beings, angels, guides etc. than I’ve ever experienced.

Are you experiencing things like

  • Pressure
  • Overwhelm
  • Crazy energy
  • Not sleeping
  • Feeling “crowded” (even though no one is there)

If so, you may be empathic or intuitive. Like I said Spirit is all around us in a much bigger way than I’ve ever seen before and whether you know it or not it’s likely effecting you.

There are a lot of people “waking up” to the spiritual realm.  You may be seeing spirit or hearing spirit or having unexplainable, metaphysical things happening to you.  IF so it’s ok, you’re not losing it.

The key is learning how to practice self-care so that you can learn to understand what is your own personal energy and what is outside of you.

I’ve been in the space of trying to pretend like I didn’t know about, hear or see spirit and all that did was create anxiety for me!  I don’t want that for you!  It’s time to learn what is happening all around us.  In my twenties I really thought if I told anyone what I was experiencing they would think that I was losing it and was

What does it mean to be “ascending”, what is “awakening” … Don’t worry about the terms… just know that we are all coming into a new understanding, a new level of spiritual awareness.

We are coming to a higher level of understanding… plain and simple.

If you’re already in an “intuitive space” don’t be surprised if you start getting new guides or at least start communicating with different beings and angles that might be new to you.  As always use discernment.   I recommend that you set up boundaries and be sure that the new spirits you encounter are working with the highest and best intention and divine light.

Be aware of your energy at this time and practice self-care and “energy maintenance.”  Balance your chakras often and meditate regularly! Don’t forget your human body still needs support during this upgrade.

With love,


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