Spiritual Energy pressure, do you feel it?

Intense Spiritual Energy & Pressure
Intense Spiritual Energy & Pressure

Are you feeling the pressure?

I just posted about the increased spiritual energy that is intense right now.  But I want to let everyone know that even if you aren’t into the “metaphysical”, you may still be having things come up that you may not understand.

I grew up in SE Colorado, and always tease that I’m a “little bit redneck”!  The farmer’s almanac was a typical magazine and was generally trusted when it came to weather and things like that.  If you’ve ever been around children or animals, you know the full moon has an effect!  Now I know people sometimes scoff at that and almost say it jokingly, but there is SO MUCH more to this planetary energy than people give it credit.  My take on it is that if the moon can move the OCEAN, can you imagine the effect it has on something as simple and small as a human?

The spiritual energy being stirred up right now probably has a lot to do with the way the planet’s are aligning and the eclipses that are happening.  I’m not an astrologer but I do believe we are connected with our universe in a much bigger way than most of us realize…. Again…moon…ocean…human… My bet is this whole planetary pattern is messing with us!

SO What does that mean for you?

Are you feeling frustrated with things around you?  Are you feeling the pressure?  Are you being triggered of old emotions, old hurts, old anger?

You may be feeling drawn to self-help studies, bible studies, feel a calling toward “something more”  Is there something drawing you to find out what life has to offer and how you could live life more happily, more fully, and find more meaning in the day to day?

Don’t get discouraged if you’re feeling this way!  It’s ok!  It’s actually a really good thing!  It means you’re being guided to start learning more about spiritual growth and what that means for you.



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