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Self Love - Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Mentor, Christian, Author
Self Love - Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Mentor, Christian, Author

love yourself anyway

I never know exactly when I’m going to feel like I need to blog.  I just do it when I feel that something needs to be said.  I could let myself get upset about it and be hard on myself and tell myself that “if I want my business to be good I have to blog on a consistent basis and have a schedule” etc….OR I can choose to love myself anyway.

This came to me this morning because as I was having my morning coffee and looking through FB I came across a friend’s post that kind of struck a nerve.  First of all ~ why do people have to be so mean and Second~ why did she care what they said:

Here’s the scenario:

She has been losing weight and working out (and looks amazing by the way). But someone made a comment and said she was a “big girl.”

Now, I have no idea what her weight is and honestly I don’t care because she is an awesome gal.  That being said I know how hard it is to lose weight sometimes and I do know the struggle of feeling like you don’t “look good enough”.  (Actually I’m about 30 lbs overweight as I type this blog today.) So I know the struggle… The thing is…as I say in my book Embodied Grace: A woman’s path to empowerment

What Are YOU Thinking?!

This is where that “Nasty little mean girl” can come in **if you let her.  Here is what her “Nasty little mean girl” said:

Wow when u get told ur a big girl … guess I’m back to losing weight…
I’ve tried so hard, I’ve lost weight or so I thought! I wanna cry!

If her NLMG is saying that I imagine it is also saying things like:

  • you’ll never been thin enough
  • you aren’t pretty enough either
  • can’t you do anything right
  • look at those hips

We can all relate to some kind of dialogue like that, right?

SOOOO Here is where you get to take your power back and decide that you are good enough and that your Nasty little mean girl can just shut her mouth!!

First you have to start to be aware of how you allow yourself to talk to yourself.  Chances are you’d NEVER say the things you say to yourself to your best friend!  Next, take control of those thoughts.  When a thought like that sneaks in, simply tell yourself I choose not to believe that.  In this instance she could say: I have been working out and my body is getting stronger and thinner.  I have lost x lbs and if feels amazing! I am proud of myself.  YOU are wonderfully perfectly made. YOUR body created beautiful children. YOUR body carries you through each day. YOU are strong YOUR body is strong. Appreciate yourself and love your body!

It isn’t easy and it takes practice to start changing the thoughts we have about ourselves, but don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are less than, not good enough or too***anything!

You are wonderfully and perfectly made! You are AMAZING!

With love,  Jennifer

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