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Mercy -Peace - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor
Mercy -Peace - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor

Spirit of Mercy

repost: July 12, 2016

I’m in Sedona and sitting here reading the pamphlet that I picked up.  It is entitled the Jubilee of Mercy.  I’m not Catholic, but we did visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross a couple of days ago.  I was completely in awe and I know that it was a divine experience.  As my friend and I entered the chapel everyone cleared out… everyone!  She and I were the only people in the chapel for a good ten minutes.  This was my first visit so I didn’t realize that was not common, but she has told me several times since that it never happens and that there is always a flow of people.  I feel totally blessed to have been in such a beautiful chapel to feel the peace of God all to myself (with just my good friend.)

Anyway~ I’m getting off track.  Back to the pamphlet.  Holy Cross

This little brochure is explaining about the special year, the Jubilee of Mercy.  It gives some detail and history, and talks about how the door to the Father is open to us.  Again, I’m not Catholic, so I’m not quite sure of all of the weight of the value of this year, but I can feel how important this is.

As I’m reading the pamphlet/brochure I come across this sentence:  “The Spouse of Christ must pattern her behavior after the Son of God who went out to everyone without exception.”  Do you hear that? To me this says:  The Spouse of Christ – the church– must pattern her behavior after the Son of God- must act like Christ– who went out to everyone without exception- and go out to everyone without exception.  This means to me at least, that we are to go out and show love to everyone without judgement!    This brochure goes on to say that it this year is a theme of mercy, and that mercy should be proposed again and again.  Isn’t that amazing?  It doesn’t say condemnation should be proposed.  It doesn’t say judgment…it says mercy. I actually looked up on the word mercy.  It pretty much means compassion.  We need to show others compassion.

BUT I feel like we (humans) really need to get it.  People as a whole are generally prone to judgement.  You must be this or that to be worthy of Christ’s Love and that you might only get that Love IF you believe the way someone tells you to believe.  But what if we really could all get back to basics and just go forth in love?  What if we could show love and mercy/compassion to everyone without expectation?  Do you feel what this means?   Simply:

Show all people love; Show all people compassion.

Go forth in love:  do not exclude anyone, and do not expect anything back.

This means we could be free of feeling the pressure to “convert” anyone.  We could be free of the burden of their FREE WILL CHOICE, and all we have to do is show love.   I can do that.  I want to do that.  I will do that.  I choose to do that.

And I hope that by making the choice to behave that way, in some small way they will see peace and joy radiating from me.  Then if they choose or decide to ask me how I got that peace and joy, I can simply without judgement or condemnation tell them that I enjoy the Love of Christ in my life.  And then if they ask “tell me more” I can gently and patiently guide them to discovering Love for themselves.

I choose to show everyone love and compassion without judgement or expectation that they behave in a certain way.   Period.

Sincerely and Respectfully,


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