Divine gifts are just like athletic gifts… some are just natural

Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker
Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker

Hi all~
Just wanted to come on today and say hey and have a little chat about Spiritual Gifts and Divine Connection.

WE ALL have the ability to tap into/connect with God.

Jesus and the Angels do not discriminate…they will help you if you ask.  That being said, you have to learn to get through your own “filters” aka limiting beliefs about why you think you can’t connect.

Let’s put it this way: anyone could potentially play baseball.  They might suck at it, but if you can pick up a bat and swing, or catch a ball, or run to a base or stand out in the outfield… you could “play” .  Now you and I might be different… you might be so good at baseball that you could just walk on to major leagues….not me! It would take me tons of training and practice, and to be honest I’m not sure I would even want to play………

Divine connection, connecting to spirit, spiritual gifts, psychic abilities, etc…….it’s the same as the analogy above.  Some people are “natural”, some people need practice, some people don’t know how, and some people don’t want it.

The thing that generally gets in the way of spiritual gifts are limiting beliefs or filters that have been placed around them

  • It’s not of God.
  • It’s scary.
  • There’s nothing there.
  • I’m not worthy.
  • I don’t know how.
  • I’m just imagining things

All of these can be filters that keep us from truly connecting to the spiritual realm.  Angels and guides are all around us and willing to help us in our daily lives, if we would just make the effort to connect with them.

If you are psychic or a medium or if you think you have gifts and you don’t know what to do with them, let me know! Join the FB group and let’s talk about it.

I’ve finally figured out that God gave me these gifts for a reason.  It’s time to start talking about it.  It isn’t only for the select few. Everyone can have the connection, if they want it. 



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