Ruffled Feathers; a positive outcome – by Christian Psychic Jennifer Lonnberg

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How much do opinions influence your Spirit?

It is so interesting to me how wound up people get sometimes about things that really don’t matter.  I personally always say if something ruffles your feathers that’s good because it’s showing you where you can grow.

Today on Facebook I saw someone who posted this picture and the post said:

“Hahaaa, False. Narcissists, sociopaths, and jerk faces have been coddled too much with this crap. Trust me, if you don’t like how I act toward you, rest assured it has a lot to do with you. Go ahead and take it personal. Tune in. Take no comfort in falsely assuming my life stinks and I’m jealous and taking it out on you.  Not my style and I love my life.”

Opinions; how much does it matter?

I honestly had to giggle that this person was so upset!

I replied with:

I love how passionate you are!  I don’t think it’s meant to be that way. It makes sense to people on a certain place in their spiritual path. It isn’t anything towards anyone else. It really is about learning to “take the plank out of your own eye” and loving see everyone for who they are and respect where they are on their own spiritual journey . If you’re at that place in your own spiritual journey where you’re learning to be “refined by the fire” then you will look at it like, well, why did they say that and why is it bothering me? Instead of placing blame on how they act. Don’t get me wrong I totally see both sides. I know sometimes I think “what the hell is wrong with them” but then I stop and remember that God wants us to love everyone, so why am I judging them. So then instead of praying “I hope hey get their $h!* together and figure our how messed up they are” I instead pray without judgment and say “please guide them on what they might do different to make themselves happier and please show me where I can grow” ….. I’m totally not trying to cause a stink… just throwing in a different way to look at it.

I’d love to know your take on this post and what you think about the discussion.


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