Be aware of what you’re searching for

Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker
Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker

Be aware of what you’re searching for


This is not what I thought I’d blog about today, but during meditation this morning I feel my guides are urging me to get this message out.


I’ve said for the last few months that “something big is coming”… I KNOW that others are also saying this and feeling it to, but no one really knows what that something is. BUT changes will happen, and some people are already seeing huge changes just in the last couple of months.

Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker
Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker


You are probably already starting to see things falling away, new things coming in, jobs changing, relationships falling apart or growing stronger, unexpected moves, etc.  Keep in mind there is more to life than this human experience and that beneath it all is a spiritual lesson of some kind.


Now you don’t have to believe that there is a spiritual lesson in this.  YOU get to choose what you want to believe and what you don’t.  That is the power and beauty of free will.  We are all in different stages of our lives.  Everyone is experiencing life in their own way.  But the message I need to get out today is that when you feel like something is missing and you start searching for whatever that is…. Be discerning in what you are searching for. 

God/Universe/Source/Light/ is Truth and Love. 

Be aware of what you’re searching for so that you don’t fall into mislead beliefs.  Some astrologers are warning of cultish type energy coming forward because of the universal energy.  People will be looking for a feeling of belonging and connection.  Set the intention to only connect to the highest and best light and highest and purest love.


I’m not saying that my beliefs are right or wrong.  But I know they are right for me.  You get to choose what is right for you…  But I do know there are some things out there that look like they are awesome, but beneath the surface they are not.  They look like they provide a higher connection to consciousness, but they are actually blocking the truth and connecting you to a different vibration.


I don’t like putting these kind of posts out there, because I do not want to create any kind of fear.  BUT I also want to help people learn to be discerning and protected during their spiritual growth.  There is no need to fear the darkness, but you don’t want to bury your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t real either.



Spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening, being called to something more… all of this is happening now, and happening quickly.  If you’re not sure what is going on and you need some guidance please feel free to book a call with me for a reading or if you’re interested in working with me look at this information about what my group program or the membership looks like.  Join me in the Embodied Grace Community on Facebook, and ask questions there.  Know that you are not in this alone!  Let me know how I can help.


Till next time,




John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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