Why enlightenment sucks

Intense Spiritual Energy is the new Normal.
Intense Spiritual Energy is the new Normal.

Why Enlightenment sucks!!  LOL YUP that’s what I’m saying… it isn’t easy and it darn sure isn’t for the faint of heart.

Enlightenment means TO SHED LIGHT on something… so what do you think is going to happen? LOL You’re going to shed light on/expose your BS!  The junk, the dark stuff that needs to be removed out of your experience so that you can have more light in your life/experience/world/etc!

The whole process of enlightenment is like a big purge, but you have to actually do the work, do the healing, face the dark…

You can’t clean out the closet without taking the clothes out….right?


I can tell you that the work is worth it!  If you want a little help in your process, check out my Embodied Grace Group Program.


Embodied Grace Life Program




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