the truth about spiritual gifts and psychics

About a year and a half ago I was on Dave the Mystic blog talk radio.  The week before I was scheduled to go on I decided to listen to Dave’s show live so that I could learn the format of the show, and how he interviews and led his blog talk radio show.  I wanted to feel comfortable with Dave’s style so that I would be ready for the following week.  To my surprise the guest that night was Kevin Schoeppel. I was so thrilled to hear that he had biblical background and had been studying what the Bible says about psychics and mediums.

Since then, Kevin and I have become great friends and I find him a valued resource when it comes to biblical references about things I experience myself with being Christian and Psychic.

I’m happy to say that Kevin has gifted us all with the first chapter of his book The Bible: The Truth about Psychics and Spiritual Gifts.


Please get your download in my Facebook Community at this link:


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