take it easy on yourself…this is emotional stuff!

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How are you?

No.. really…How are you really?

Many of us are having all of these emotions due to the event in Vegas but keep in mind it wasn’t just Vegas…think about the last few months and all that has happened.  There has been a lot building up.

How are you doing with all of this?  Are you being gentle with yourself?  It’s time to be easy on yourself…this is emotional stuff.  You could be feeling an array of emotions:

Guilt over not being there (I experienced this a little because I was in Vegas but slept through the whole thing…feeling guilty doesn’t serve anyone.  It wouldn’t have helped if I was there.  I wouldn’t have been able to stop it.)

Fear…in all kinds of ways…fear of what happened, fear of what could happen, fear that it might happen again. (Fear doesn’t serve anyone either.  It’s projecting something bad happening into the future.  As cliche as it sounds…fear isn’t real.)

Sadness/Depression be aware of if you’re having sadness…it can turn to depression.  We do need to feel these feelings but the key is not to stay in that feeling.

Overwhelm…. that is self explanatory.  It’s almost overwhelming.  One of the comments I keep hearing is “what is this world coming to?”

ALL OF THIS IS NORMAL!  Allow yourself to feel your feelings but if you feel that you can’t shake it, then please get some professional help.

Animals have a built-in system …fight or flight… we’ve all heard of it, but how does it really work?  Imagine a rabbit being chased by a coyote… when the rabbit gets away it starts to settle down and it literally shakes and shakes and shakes until it calms back down.  Then it goes on about life like nothing ever happened. They literally shake it off.  But as humans, we don’t go through this final step of “shaking off the fear.”  It literally stays in our system.  

So how do we as humans shake it off?  Well, movement works…don’t let yourself stay under the covers for too long.  Take a walk, get out in nature.  Cry it out…as silly as that sounds sometimes you just need a really good sappy movie to get the emotions rolling and then literally allow yourself to cry it out.  Salt baths…I love salt baths.  They feel nurturing.  Just figure out what you need and allow yourself that. Energy work…there is a wide variety of modalities out there…reiki, massage, sound healing, Qigong, shamanic healing, and the list goes on.  Use what works for you.


Another point I really want to make it that we are all in this together.  Do something nice for your neighbor for no reason.  Start looking for positive things.  Make love known.  Show love to strangers.

We’re all in this together.  


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**The information from jennferlonnberg.com is for informational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose and treat diseases or emotional disorders. If you have any health problems consult a healthcare practitioner before embarking on any course of treatment.

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