Potato – potaughto – tomato -tomaughto- intensions vs intentions!

Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker
Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker

Last week I blogged about “Intentions” but had accidentally typed the whole thing using the word “intensions” (UGH so embarrassing) BUT here’s the thing… Luckily someone pointed it out so I was able to make the correction… and as I was doing so, I got guidance that I need to address how words/understandings and connotations can TOTALLY change the meaning of the word…….  hmmm interesting right?

Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Mentor, Christian, Author
Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer & Mentor

You all know I’m a little red-neck~ Just a small town country girl.. but generally speaking I’m somewhat of a grammar nazi! LOL. I can’t stand it when people mess up the words their there and they’re! UGH!

SOOOO why would I make that mistake of intensions vs intentions….. 

When I was in “fixing” my blog post I clearly heard a message from my guides that I had to address this.  That mistake was not an accident.

Let’s just quickly look at these two words and then I’ll give you a little guidance on what my guides wanted me to see in this “accident.”

Intension sounds like “intention,” and it’s just one letter off, but it means something else. It’s a term used in logic and linguistics to refer to the concept that a word evokes. (from Vocabulary.com)




the internal content of a concept.
a thing intended; an aim or plan.
So as you can see unless you are a linguist you may not catch the difference in these two words.  But the thing is I guess I want to address how the word intension really was relevant to that blog post as well as the word intentions.
My guides are very clear right now that what is important in this message is that we all need to get clear on our own “internal content”.  What is going on in yourself?  What do you need to get clear on so that YOU can have a clear plan for moving forward in your life.
Have you heard that saying about when you squeeze a lemon you get lemon juice and when you squeeze an orange you get orange juice?  Basically the idea is that what you are inside is what comes out when you get squeezed. And what you think about words or the connotation in which you understand words to mean, can cause us to sometimes completely misunderstand things…
A perfect example is the word psychic.  I am Christian but I am also psychic and so I do get attacked once in awhile about the word psychic.  I could use the word “prophetic”.

relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws

relating to the soul or mind.

accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future.
relating to or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy
These words are so similar… what makes them different is what you personally believe about those words and what connotation you apply personally.  What feelings the words invoke in you personally are what causes the discord.
I hope this brings some clarity as well as causes you to look within to see what will come out if you get squeezed?  Will it be love, joy and understanding? or will it be fear, anger and condemnation?
This applies to everything in your life… not just the vocabulary in this post!
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