Dream vacations and how Jennifer Changed her Mind!

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Dream vacations aren’t always a reality but THEY CAN BE!

You can create a life you love. I just got back from 7 days in Maui. A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed that this was possible for me. It would have been “too expensive” or I would have believed we “couldn’t afford it.” BUT I finally learned how to change my mind about my beliefs. I was holding myself back and keeping goodness and amazing things from myself!!

I WAS WITHHOLDING my own good!

WHY would I do that? Why would anyone do that? Well, because I didn’t realize that I was creating my own reality from “lack mentality” and limiting beliefs. So how did changing my mind allowed me to have a fantastic vacation in Maui? I learned to change my thoughts which in turn changed my reality. Here’s how you can too:

First, you have to get real about your reality. What are you doing on a daily basis that is keeping you stuck and small. What do your casual conversations sound like? This will tell you right off the bat what your “base thought patterns” are. If you catch yourself saying things like:

• I can’t afford it
• Must be nice! (for them)
• I’m sure I’ll never…
• Wish I could …

Then you are in a pattern of “lack”. This pattern is most likely not even your fault. It can be passed down from either your parents (and their parents and so on…for generations) or from where you grew up, or what you learned growing up. Most of us who are or have been stuck in this pattern don’t even realize that we’re in it until it is pointed out to us (which then we usually reject) OR until we are so sick of our circumstances that we become determined to change it.

I had a perpetual problem with “ I can’t afford it”….even when I could afford it I would say “I can’t afford it, and we always had just enough, which was another pattern keeping me in lack.


All I had to do was change my mind. Literally. I had to quit saying the things that kept me limited and small and I had to start rethinking my thoughts. I had to start speaking in terms that were positive and plentiful. I learned to live a much more graceful and abundant life. YOU CAN TOO!

If you’re not sure where to start in the process of creating a life you love, these resources might help:


Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Mentor, Christian, Author
Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor

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