Discernment, Trickery and Entities

Intense Spiritual Energy & Pressure
Intense Spiritual Energy & Pressure

Discernment, Trickery and Entities

Trusting your gut seems like an overused term, but although many people say it I don’t think we’re actually utilizing it.

That gut feeling….is SOOOO powerful, IF you can learn to trust it. I talked about a scenario in this video and then again I had this happen today…  A colleague and I were talking and her business coach had suggested something and it didn’t feel good to her, but she was going to do it any way because the “coach” told her to.   We have to get to the place where we trust what is right with us based on our own feelings!  How we feel; and completely let go of what people tell us we “should do”.  Quick disclaimer…it’s different to not want to do it out fear, and another to not because it doesn’t feel right. 

But my point is ONLY allow/go with what resonates with you.



Discernment and Discipline are words that are not usually fun to talk about but so important.

Trickery and Entities… ugh…more things that I didn’t really want to talk about.  Using discernment to know what “energy” to accept is key.

I only allow the highest and best vibration into my energy and the longer that I keep my vibration high the less I have to deal with entities – yes entities are real.

The thing is, they are just a real part of this 3D realm.  That being said you don’t have to allow them to bother you, but the first step is realizing that they are real. As you raise your vibration you may not have to deal with entities any more, but they thrive on low vibration energy, low vibration emotions, etc. so any time that you have low vibration people around there is a possibility that entities are around or at play or at least in the vicinity.  This is nothing to be afraid of but always trust yourself on if you feel off, or if you need to “bubble up” to protect from entities/low vibration.

In the video I talk about how to use “is this mine” to be sure that you’re not allowing entities to trick you.


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