Be – sleep eat breathe – the coach you would hire

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This morning as I’m having my coffee and getting my day started, I came across this statement.


Be – sleep eat breathe – the coach you would hire.


Often, I will flip through notes that I’ve taken at various trainings, classes, workshops etc.  This was a note from the Passion to Profits Event that I went to last fall.  I feel like keeping the information in front of me is

Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Mentor, Christian, Author
Courses – Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor

good to keep my mind in the right business mindset, etc. Sometimes I’ll find a note that resonates, and I’ll create an affirmation from it, or find a tip on marketing that sounds fun, or get a new idea for my business.

This morning as I read that statement: Be – sleep eat breathe – the coach you would hire; my ‘Nasty Little Mean Girl’ popped in and said, “I sure wouldn’t hire you right now, you’ve been off track for weeks.”  Any time the ‘Nasty Little Mean Girl’ shows up you’ve got a couple of different ways to deal with her.  Listen or don’t.  LOL   (Ok so it’s not really that simple in the beginning ,but it can be.) Basically years ago I probably would have gone through a whole dialogue in my head about how she’s right and that’s true and who am I to think I can help someone……BUT due to the work I’ve done and my own journey of Embodied Grace, I know how to deal with those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs when they pop up.  Today very quickly, I said, that’s not even true! I would totally work with a coach like me because I am not unrealistic with myself, which allows me to be completely realistic with my clients.  I know that life is ebb and flow and that when life happens, and you have to give your attention to other places for a while, it doesn’t mean that your life or your business is falling apart.  I’ve learned that sometimes the “downtime” is actually gearing you up for the next phase or change or new idea.  I teach my clients that balance is an active word.  Sometimes balancing life means that some days are completely dedicated to work, and you might have to get take out because you worked so long you ran out of time to make dinner, and on the other hand sometimes your family needs you and that project you wanted to get done for work won’t happen until next week.  To balance means offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another. Sometimes it’s ok if the value is different.


One of the goals in my life is to have freedom from guilt.  That showed up for me today and reminded me why I do what I do and why life coaching is so important to me.  It’s time for all of us to get back to loving life, loving ourselves, loving our families, and understanding that at the end of the day if the to do list doesn’t get done, it’s really not the end of the world.  Learning to love every step of the journey and learning to love every mis-step just as much. Yes I have business goals, and yes I’m still working…but taking the afternoon off to hang out with your kid is sometimes more important than what’s on that to-do list.


My question for you today is where are you judging yourself to harshly? Where are you killing yourself for nothing? Where would it be ok to go with the flow?  How can you realign your thinking to allow yourself to do what feels good?  How can you forgive yourself for not living up to perfection?  How can you be ok with having an off week, or not beat yourself up for not meeting a goal when your spouse/child/friend/neighbor/parent/ or someone else needed you to show up for them?


I’m not saying to not be motivated or to not have goals, or to just throw your ambitions away.  I’m just saying, sometimes it’s ok if things take a back burner for a day or two!


There’s also a fine balance between being lazy, or being stuck, or being held back by limiting beliefs verses life just showing up and rearranging your schedule for a few days.


Finding that balance, knowing that life is ebb and flow, being gentle on yourself, practicing self love and self care, and living your life with Embodied Grace is a much sweeter way to live.  It allows you to fully enjoy and be in the moment of whatever that is.  Whether it’s work or family or home or play… fully embrace it.  Enjoy it.  Love it.  Create a life you love.


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