A Beautiful Message from Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary

Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker
Jennifer Lonnberg | Psychic | Spiritual Healer | Mentor | Christian | Author | Speaker

Yesterday afternoon completely caught me off guard.  It was kind of an “off” day. I knew I had things to do but I just couldn’t get motivated to work on them.  Nothing that really had to be done but some shoulds, ya know?

Anyway I often tell my clients to honor what they are feeling as much as they can, and so yesterday I decided to take my own advice and honor my own inner guidance.  I had been feeling the need for total quiet and just a peaceful day and felt a little unsettled so I wanted to meditate and talk to my guides to see what was going on, but that didn’t feel right either so instead I decided to do a color page.

Even that seemed a little off for me because I felt drawn to blues… Pink is my color so that one felt good and then the darker pink.. but I had been drawn to blue.. even my water bottle was blue! 

As I was coloring I realized spirit was coming to “visit” with me.  That isn’t unusual really.  I talk to Jesus and the angels often, but this felt different.

As I was coloring I felt the immediate need to start writing so I grabbed a pen and paper (a blue pen was all that I could find – of course!) and realized they were asking me to write a message.  This message is what came to me.  (look below for the entire transcribed message)

I don’t usually share these big messages but I immediately knew I HAD TO share it on FB LIVE right then.  I was so over come with emotion and LOVE.  All encompassing overwhelming love.

I wanted to come back on today to share this and actually type out the message.  A friend actually asked me to type it out, so here it is:

I am Mary Magdalene.  Mother Mary and I are here surrounding you with love and compassion. Thank you for being with us and hosting us today.  Turbulent times are coming upon the human realm.  Have no fear because this is all part of the Divine plan of awakening.  We want to offer you love and support and encourage you to understand that in spirit all is well.  You have chosen this tie and you are strong enough to be here, just as we were strong enough to endure what we experienced.  You will hold light.  Those whom you reveal this message will also hold the light through this time. Hold steadfast to your Fatih and know that we are with you.  
Some of you are feeling what will happen and if you have been emotional lately know that you are processing this ahead of time to help soften the impact.  Light workers who hear this message will understand the message we bring today.  
Hold tight to love and compassion.  Remember that God is love and this is necessary for evolution/ascension.

I feel like I want to expand a little on this message… I have always pictured Mother Mary to be showing up in blue (I mean in all of the Christmas nativities she is in a blue robe), and I have felt drawn to Mary Magdalene but have never worked with her or channeled her before yesterday.  I feel like if you are seeing this message in any way you are a part of the ones called to “hold light”. I had someone ask me what a light worker meant and my answer is this:  “Not a stupid question at all. I had never heard it at first either. The last couple of years I have come to understand it as someone who is here (on earth) who holds light and helps bring healing to the planet. In my words (as a Christian) it’s like this:  this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine – showing people love and compassion”

**I have expanded a little more on Mystic Living Magazine in the April Issue.

Also I opened youtube this morning to listen to something while I drank my coffee and was led to Amanda Ellis whose video  completely gave me validation…right down to the COLORS I USED IN THE COLORING PAGE!!! 

I haven’t followed Amanda very long, but the last couple of weeks I have resonated with her videos and today she posted that impromptu video that correlated to mine. Here is her website: https://www.amandaellis.co.uk



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