Las Vegas

Peace - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor
Peace - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor

Las Vegas

As I write this, I’m sitting here at the Las Vegas Airport and I’m about three hours too early for my flight.

(I’m sure I won’t be able to post it until tomorrow, but I needed to write this now.)  I wasn’t sure what to expect with security and what not after the incident last night, so I decided to share an uber with a friend whose flight is about 45 min before mine and we got here plenty early.

But as the day has gone on, I’ve been hearing all of these conversations going on around me and all I can think is….


This isn’t about gun control.  This isn’t about lack of security.  This isn’t about making kids wear uniforms at school (yes this was an actual conversation… if we just make kids wear a uniform at school they won’t grow up to be bad?  Are you kidding me?)

Why is it that no one wants to really address the truth.  It is amazing to me how many people are still completely blind to spiritual reality.  We are spiritual beings.  We are in a dualistic planet where there is light and dark, good and evil.

No one wants to believe in demons or even angels for that matter OR they only want to believe in angels just for the feel good feelings that come with feeling like you’re being watched over by some wonderful airy fairy things in the sky, but they don’t want to admit that there just might be “lower vibration, darker energies” aka demons at play.

If nothing else, please use this experience as a wake up call.  What emotions are you having? What fears do those emotions play into?  Why does it even bother you in the first place? (I know this question will probably piss some people off, but really I’m serious…why does it bother you?  What is at the root of it?  What are you judging instead of actually looking at the truth? What are you blaming?

Chances are a lot of us feel out of control.  You’re angry because you can’t control how others behave.  You’re angry because you would never think of such a thing, so how could someone else do this?  So then, where do your emotions go from there? …. Who is to blame?

Instead of going down that line of thinking where everyone and everything outside of you is wrong… what if instead, you think  … HOW can I bring light to this world?  HOW can I show LOVE instead of hate and fear.

If you are falling into conversations about all that is wrong in this world, that is not spreading love, it is spreading fear.  If you are talking about what should be done to control the issues, you are not spreading love, you are playing into fear.  (Please understand I’m not saying there shouldn’t be conversations because absolutely there should be.  BUT Instead of pointing blame and saying THEY should control guns, THEY should xxxxx whatever… try instead to focus on what you yourself can take responsibility for.  Keep your emotions stable and think how can I make be the change.)

I know many (even some of my friends) will completely disagree with me and say that people have to deal with the emotions and I agree with that, but again I ask you to look at the emotions you are having and ask yourself what they mean to you personally.

I was blessed to be sound asleep safely in my hotel room.  I had been at a women’s business and marketing conference all weekend.  It finished up yesterday afternoon.  I spent the afternoon at the pool, had dinner with a friend and was in bed early.  I woke up to the phone in the hotel ringing with family and friends wondering if I was ok.  I’m very grateful to everyone who checked on me and I love every one of the people who reached out.

My personal response was being grateful that I wasn’t there, doing my best to ground myself and pull in the energy of love from Divine Source (God in my words) and send that out as far and wide as I could.  I held the energy of peace as strongly as I could and I prayed.

This battle is not with people. This is spiritual.  We are being called to wake up and see that there is more going on than just being human.  You are a spiritual being.  Start asking yourself who am I? What do I believe? Is there more?

Sending love to all affected by this tragedy in Vegas.

If you’d like to join in prayer with me, here is the prayer I posted on Facebook, but please feel free to put your own terminology of “Divine Source” in this prayer.  Let’s all be on the side of love.

We will no longer give into fear.

Luke 10:19
New Living Translation
Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you.

Father God we ask for legions of angels to gather these demons and take any and all of their power. We also ask that legions of angels come to protect and comfort all who are affected
Also, we ask that angels gently guide any souls who do not know to follow the light to heed the words of Jesus and find their way now
Also, any other souls who have been lost and are in this area to also go with the souls from the event last night
We ask that all energy be settled and calm and that emotional energy be transmuted into love and peace
Father God we beseech you now for all people
Give strength to all of the emergency personnel and hold them in your love.

In Jesus name Amen

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  1. The best reply to those events is loooove with a capital L. Not give in to the fear and be brave. I was in that situation a few times over the last years. But it did not stop me from coming to Vegas and being gratefull for all the kindness and love that I recieved.

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