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Peace - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor
Peace - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor

Choosing Peace even though your daughter is hooked to an IV

Repost from: September 15, 2016

IT SUCKED.  I have to say… that’s the best word I can think of~  But I decided to choose peace even though my daughter was hooked to an IV.

It’s interesting to me that I recorded this podcast a few weeks ago and it aired the day Ali was released from the hospital.  In this podcast with Charlene Gilman of Executive Edgeworks, we were talking about shaking up your life;  “the Nasty Little Mean Girl”;  how sometimes life just seems so hard; and how to honestly find peace and joy in ALL of life.

Well let me tell you ~ This shook up my life!

This all began the week before Labor Day weekend.  Ali had had a little sore throat, which we treated naturally and then a few days later had a back ache.  That progressed into feeling bad enough that we went to Urgent Care on Labor Day.  Two days later we were at the ER which ended up in the Doctors giving her THREE bags of IV fluid and medicine to control her vomiting.  Two days later we were back at the doctors office and found ourselves in the back of an ambulance on the way to Children’s Hospital.  If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that the Dr’s haven’t decided what was actually wrong, other that to tell us that some virus caused her immune system to attack itself and she has swelling on her brain stem and spinal column.  She spent 5 days in the hospital.  We’re home recovering now, and of course I’ve already talked to a Naturopath and started her on supplements, but we will have a ton of follow up doctors appointments in the weeks to come.

Although this situation with my daughter has been very stressful, I can say that I didn’t have to struggle with my “Nasty Little Mean Girl” this time.  It made a huge difference for me to be able to go through this scary situation and not allow negative thoughts to take over.  Don’t get me wrong, the negativity tried to sneak in, but now that I know how to recognize it, that voice isn’t the boss anymore. I get to choose how or if I worry.  I get to choose how I respond in each situation.  I get to choose to be ok even though this is happening.

Anyway back to the podcast~ We were seriously talking about taking full responsibility for your reactions to life “in this moment”.  I had to take responsibility this last week.  I had to determine how I would handle this.

You get to allow your life to be what you want it to be and no one can judge you!

The awareness was knowing that I had two choices.  I could be miserable and worry and fret and be sick over everything happening, OR I could be fully present, feel the emotions that were changing each time another doctor came in, LOVE on my daughter, be fully in the situation, and know that regardless  of the outcome everything would be ok… and in the mean time I could get in the hospital bed and snuggle her up as much as she would let me!

Overall~ I choose peace.  ( Sometimes I have to remind myself, and that is ok, but I do choose peace over stress and anxiety.)

Joshua 1:9

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,
for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Anyway~ Like I was saying, it is divine timing that this podcast aired yesterday!

Charlene has made it super easy for me to share with you, so here are the direct listen links:

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This isn’t over yet for her.  She is still recovering and has doctors appointments filling up her schedule.  I know she’d like to go back to school, but I’m hoping she’s learned a little something about self-care from me and we will work together to approach the coming weeks by embodying grace, peace and love.



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