Pets and Spiritual Energy

Pets and Energy - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor
Pets and Energy - Jennifer Lonnberg Spiritual Healer Psychic & Mentor

Leo (my dog) ate my breakfast!

OMGoodness!  I have been a mess this week!  Leo my dog just ate my breakfast!  UGH

I have had quite a week… I have never had sciatica but experienced it for the first time on Saturday.  Went through the weekend in pain, hooked to a TENS unit most of Sunday and Monday and then deep tissue massage that left bruises on Tuesday and then followed up with a Chiropractic adjustment.  I’m “moving” better even though I am sore as he!! but then last night making dinner I seared my fingers along with my steak!  OOOOHHHH MYYY GOOOOODNESS!! What is going on!

burned hand

This morning I am working away on a newsletter for my Natures Sunshine/Small Town Lady stuff and needed to check something, so I sat my breakfast on the coffee table and ran to get what I needed, and came back and Leo was licking my fork…..

So here I am with bruises on my hiney, bandages on my hand and a sore body… and I somehow left my breakfast in a place Leo could reach it…..what is wrong with me!?!

Well I have been meditating lately but it donned on my this morning, I haven’t necessarily intentionally done any “grounding work”.  Ok so what does that mean……. the first time someone tried to explain it to me, my initial reaction/question was: “like rebar??” Yes my redneck comes out every once in awhile… ok well most of the time. LOL

For those of you that don’t know about electric fences, a ground rod offers a safe place to discharge excess electricity:

“A ground rod or a ground field’s only purpose in life is to have a designed

electrical path to dissipate a static discharge voltage (such as Lightning) to earth.”

(quote credit ~Signals Power and Grounding Services)

Now, with that being said…. we are electric, right?  “Everything we do is controlled and facilitated by electrical signals running through our bodies.”( quote credit ~ Daily mail post.)  and you can google all about it to understand how we are actually energy/electricity.  If we can agree that we are energy and we create/have electricity that means we need to somehow be sure that we are “running our wires correctly”.  There are many ways to do this.  Donna Edens has great information about “Energy Medicine”.   Movement, working out, jogging, even walking will help the energy move.. but sometimes it gets tweaked and can run backwards or sporadic.

OK I need to back up a second and say: The energy here on Earth lately has been crazy!  AND…

SINCE we know EVERYTHING is ENERGY and we also know that energy doesn’t go away, it simply changes forms (this is per countless scientists by the way)

Ok get ready! This is where my “woowoo” will come in.

There is a ton of extra energy on the planet right now.  I have seen much more spiritual activity the last few months. SOOO this probably makes sense that with excess electricity around us, we might need to be “grounded.”

Back to exercises etc to keep our electric current running smoothly.. can you tell btw that even in this post I’m jumping around instead of having a smooth blog post?? LOL  SO… let’s get ourselves grounded:

The best and fastest way that I know how to do this “get grounded” is by first of all taking a deep breath.  Inhale and then exhale big… let out any excess stress.  Then imagine a ball of brilliant divine white light.  Ask Jesus and the Angels to come in and help you get grounded.  Imagine the white sparkling healing light coming in through the top of your head and slowly washing through your entire body.  Allow it to flow all the way to the bottom of your feet and then when it’s at the bottom of your feet imagine that your feet begin to grow roots.  Allow the roots to go deep into the earth.  The roots can be as thick and long as you’d like.  They can twist and corkscrew into the earth.  Again do whatever feels right for you.  Allow yourself to really feel “rooted down and grounded.”  Allow yourself to just simply be there for a minute….Included a few minutes of meditation if you can.  Intentionally let any excess energy flow into the earth where it can be transmuted … where it is safe.   When you feel ready go ahead and take a deep breath and come back into reality! LOL

A few extra tips:

  • Another quick way to reset your energy is to wash your hands and allow any excess energy flow into the drain.
  • Please remember to stay hydrated!  This helps the energy flow in your body stay consistent as well. (water is great, or coconut water even)
  • Minerals… these are earth elements… trace minerals, magnesium, calcium, etc.

AAAHHHHH I feel much better now!  Hope you do too!  Have a beautifully Graceful day!

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