Energy Healer Jennifer Lonnberg thinks Self-care is important; do you?

Self-care Myths & Facts
Self-care Myths & Facts

Myths about self-care

Self-care seems like a “HOT TOPIC” in some ways.  The problem is I think there are too many myths about self-care and what it really means.

Self-care is absolutely a MUST if you want to live a full and peaceful life and especially if you are in the process of self-discovery, changing your life, going after your dreams, or up-leveling your life in any way.

When doing work with my clients I discuss and teach on the basics of physical and emotional self-care because when you go through any of the Embodied Grace Transformational Programs, your physical emotional and energetic body are affected.  I incorporate energy work into the programs.  Now for those of you who have never experienced energy work, it can actually affect your physical body.  Even though I’m not in the room with you, the energy is moved, cleared and adjusted, so the following day you may actually feel like you have had a physical adjustment similar to a chiropractic adjustment or physical therapy. For this reason, it is important to practice self-care such as:

  • Drinking extra water
  • Taking mineral supplements
  • Breathing/meditation
  • Rest/sleep
  • Epsom Salt Bath
  • Massage
  • Nature Walk
  • Knowing when you’re overwhelmed and need a 5 min break

All of those are great ways to practice self-care for your physical body but

TRUE SELF-CARE goes way beyond the physical. 

True self-care involves knowing what you need; knowing what is right for you in the moment; knowing when you need to take a break; and knowing when you need to suck it up and get stuff done!

Ok that sounds a little harsh and honestly “sucking it up” doesn’t mean choking down energy and not expressing truth, HOWEVER sometimes self-care really is doing something that maybe in the moment you don’t want to do, or doing a chore or task that you know is causing you more stress by avoiding it.


True self-care is checking in with yourself throughout the day and using your intuition to know what is right for you.

Some of it can be just normal routine.  I love my morning routine and it is part of my self-care practice.  I allow myself time in the morning to wake up, incorporate myself into my day, mediate and set the tone for my day.   I do my best not to schedule any appointments or meeting before a certain time in the morning.  I know that if I do not get this time to integrate into my day then I feel scattered and disorganized.  NOW, with that being said; IF I do have an early appointment or have to drive somewhere and have to leave earlier than I normally would, I get up early!  I may have to get up a couple of hours earlier than I normally would but in this circumstance self-care is getting up early enough to still be able to have that quiet time before my day starts. NO I’m NOT a morning person (I’ve never been a morning person and I think it’s cruel that anyone would have to get up before 630am! LOL) But I know that it is in my best interest to get up at 4:30 or 5am to have that time I need before I start my day.  Does that make sense?

Another example of self-care would be taking care of tasks that you may be putting off.  Let’s say you have this to-do list that you keep putting off.  You know those things have to be done at some point, but you really don’t want to deal with them.  A few days go by and there is a nagging feeling because you still haven’t gotten those done.  This is because the energy of those tasks are literally starting to weigh you down because you are avoiding them.  Then one afternoon you have the opportunity to either take a nap or get one of those items checked off your list.  In that moment you have to check in with yourself and decide…Am I going to feel better by taking a nap or is taking the nap going to make me feel guilty that I didn’t get the to-do list done.  If you’re totally honest with yourself and the nap will be in your best interest then by all means allow yourself the rest, BUT if deep down you know that getting at least one thing checked off that list feels better, then you know TRUE SELF-CARE would be doing that task.

One last example would be something like this scenario:  You’re at work and it’s been a long day so the boss lets you all go home early and all the others decide they’re going to catch a yoga class before they go home.  It sounds so good to just go with the girls and not worry about what is happening at home, but you get a funny feeling in your stomach and you feel torn about what to do.  In this instance, you need to listen to that feeling.  Yes it would seem that going with everyone would be self-care, but if the energy and your emotions line up better with going home and making an early dinner for your family, then going home “and being responsible” is the true self care.   (OR it could be the exact opposite and going to yoga is best…it’s totally up to you about which one feels better!!)

I hope these examples all make sense and help you get a better understanding about true self care.

I think many people hear the term self-care and automatically picture a spa day or something like that.  That isn’t the truth of it at all!!  True self care is honestly knowing what is best for YOU in any given moment.  Trusting your own inner guidance and your own intuition.  And doing what is right and what creates less stress.  Sometimes “something fun in the moment” creates way too much stress in the long term.  Sometimes self-discipline is synonymous with self-care.

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Xoxo  with love,


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